Faith Training

Keep your soul fit. Faith Train this winter!

Faith Training

If you want to be fit, you don’t work out once a week. If you want to get your soul fit, you exercise it regularly. Faith Training is a series of spiritual exercises we encourage you to do through the week.

Winter Plan

This season FOF is unpacking the writings of the last apostle of Jesus in the book of John. As we do this, add this Faith Training plan to your devotional life.

1    Bible Plan

  • Read the John reading plan featured by FOF in YouVersion each week. Plans are updated here. Plans are 5 days with weekends as rest days.
  • Find a Bible reading plan that studies the gospel of John.

2    Connect in 2s or 3s

  • Invite someone to do a plan with you. Ask them to invite someone too.
  • Connect together weekly.
  • Debrief what's interesting, what's convicting, and what's confusing.

3 Engage

  • Each reading or week, ask 3 questions:
  • What's connecting with me in this passage?
  • What am I going to do about this?
  • Who am I going to share it with?
  • Journal or pray through your responses.


Additional tools, studies, and resources we recommend.