Faith Training

Get faith strong. Learn how to pray. Daily.

Faith Training

If you want to be fit, you don’t work out once a week. If you want to get your soul fit, you exercise it regularly. Faith Training is a series of spiritual exercises we encourage you to do through the week.

Spring Plan

Christians are different. They can’t help it. When you’re in Christ and filled with the Spirit, it changes you. This leads to strange expectations. It’s a different kind of hope flowing from Christ’s perspective on things. This spring access our series of 5-day plans on YouVersion that use the Lord’s Prayer to show how Jesus invites us to approach life and the future.

1    YouVersion Plan

  • Scan the QR code below to download the YouVersion app. Set Fellowship of Faith as "My Church."
  • Start the suggested plan on YouVersion. You'll be notified each time a new plan releases. Plans are released weekly and typically last 5 days.

2    Connect

  • Invite someone to do the plan with you. "Friend" David Gaddini to do the plan with our pastor.

3 Engage

  • After each daily reading, take some aspect of the plan and put it into play. Post it.
  • Then pray that piece of the Lord's Prayer. Ask God to answer it in that aspect, or to transform you to his focal point or way.


Additional tools, studies, and resources we recommend.