Boulder Student Ministry

For 6th-12th grade

Boulder Student Ministry

Becoming disciples of Jesus finding their place with God in the world today.

For 6th-12th grade

Boulder PM | sundayS @ 5-8 pm

Anger is such a big, powerful emotion. When we're angry about things that matter, our anger can lead us toward action. Anger can even inspire us to make the world a better place! But other times, our anger can lead us to make choices that are harmful to ourselves or others. There's no escaping situations or people who make us angry, but how we respond when we're angry is up to us. So if we can’t completely avoid getting angry, what can we do? In this four- week series, we’ll explore four passages of Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments that might challenge our view on anger. We’ll learn practical skills like when we feel angry, pause to ask God why. We’ll see how, when we’re angry, Jesus shows us how to respond. And in our anger, we'll be challenged to show grace and not get hurtful.

Boulder AM | Sundays @ 9am

An Overview of the Whole Bible for Teens

Star Trek fans read every book and see every movie. Harry Potter fans pour over every world. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know every element of their inter-connected universe.

But why do Christians not know the entirety of our sacred text? Want to battle Biblical illiteracy? Want to eradicate it? The first step in knowing the whole Bible is knowing what each book is and how it connects to the overall story. From the perspective of a storyteller, these short videos will teach you what each book of the Bible is, what happens in it and how that connects to the overall stories of God’s promises, covenants and plan of redemption. 

BOULDER midweek | wednesdays @ 6pm

Unpack the weekend message and how it relates to everyday living with 6th-12th grade Boulder students. Dinner at 5pm and Boulder starts at 6pm.


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