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We livestream our worship services on YouTube and our Facebook page. Sunday services go live at 9:45am. Press the PLAY button above during the livestream. Scroll down to catch past services.

Catch our pre-game and post-game show too. If you would like to join in on the live chat, click below to join the Facebook livestream.

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The Fellowship of Faith YouTube channel has all of our past livestreamed services plus other video content that includes Bible studies, children's messages, short devotionals, Faith Training tips, Student ministry videos, updates on projects around the church, and other videos documenting life at FOF. Subscribe to the channel to get notified about all of our latest videos!


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Bible in Context - Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class

Questions You Never Thought You Could Ask in Church

RightNow Media

Let's face it. Instead of reading, sometimes we'd rather watch and listen.

RightNow Media is the world’s largest library of video-driven Bible study resources, used by more than 20,000 churches, schools, and organizations. FOF subscribes to this service, giving you free unlimited access to thousands of video series you can watch anytime, anywhere, on any device. Great for personal use, Bible studies, small groups, and parents discipling their kids.

Set up your free account and start learning from some of today's leading teachers.

Worship Music

Now you can take worship with you throughout the week! We put together a playlist of the top songs that we sing on Sunday mornings.