What We Believe

About Jesus, the Bible, and the Church

Our Beliefs


We believe God is real. He's personal. He's good. That he loves you. We believe God wants a relationship with you.

We believe there is one true and divine being, eternally existing in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—each of whom possesses all the attributes and characteristics of deity.  We believe he is the creator and preserver of everything, and that he is operating throughout history to fulfill his purposes.


We believe history is an epic story.  God created this world to be good and to exist in fellowship with himself.  Humanity defied God, choosing instead to go its own way. We are guilty of tainting and destroying that which God intended.

This corruption, called sin, separates us from God and renders us unable to be in fellowship with him. This fall took place at the beginning of human history and is the cause of all that is vile and wrong in the world, leaving us in dire need of salvation from God.

We believe out of his great love for us, God intervenes in history to restore his creation and bring us back into fellowship with himself. Salvation then, is wholly the work of God and is not the result of any intrinsic goodness or merit on our part.


We believe Jesus is God himself, who came to earth as a human being, in order to accomplish this salvation. Unable to save ourselves or ever get right with God on our own, we believe Jesus accomplished all that we could not do by giving his life as a sacrifice on a cross. We believe three days later he rose from the dead, and later ascended into heaven from where he promises to return again.

Human Destiny

We believe that just as Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, so he will return again to judge the world, raise the dead, and bring about the final fulfillment of all the promises we have from God. For those in Christ, this means eternal life in communion with God as he initially intended. For those who continue to reject God’s salvation, this means separation from God and his goodness.


We believe that all those who come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ are a new creation. We believe God seeks to transform us into the likeness of his Son and restore us to what he always intended for us to be.  This means a life marked by the presence of God’s Spirit. As redeemed children of God we therefore seek to live lives of love, marked by holiness, obedience, and devotion to him.


We believe the Church is not a building, but a community of Jesus-followers who meet in his name. While we gather in local communities, we believe these communities belong to a greater community of believers that transcends time, geography, nationality, and every other distinction humans create. We believe these communities are God’s chosen instrument to bring his salvation and goodness to a lost and dying world.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the true and inspired word of God, and is without error in the original manuscripts. It is the authoritative source which governs all we do and believe.

The christian faith

We desire to conform our lives to Jesus, clinging to the orthodox, historic Christian faith. We believe that the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian creeds are accurate summaries of the Bible’s teaching and apostles’ testimony of who Jesus is, and who he is not. We see the creeds as a kind of roadmap to help guide us through what the Bible teaches and summarize some of its major teachings.

We also hold to the writings of the early reformers contained in the Book of Concord as a guide for our doctrine and practice. The Book of Concord is a collection of documents put together by the 16th century evangelical reformers to express the gospel and other pertinent teachings of the Bible in greater clarity. You can check out the creeds and the Book of Concord at www.lcms.org.

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