Micro Groups

Micro Groups

two or three gathered in JEsus' name

Jesus says where two or three are gather in his name, he'll be there. Micro Groups are gatherings of three people at most. You and one or two other people do a Bible reading plan together. Daily readings are on your own. Once a week, share what you're learning and how God is guiding you.

Here's How it Works

1    Bible Plan

  • Do the FOF Faith Training plan.
  • Or pick a book of the Bible. Maybe the Gospel of Mark.
  • Or pick a plan from YouVersion, RightNow Media, Bible Project.
  • Engage with the plan at least 5x per week.

2    Invite 1 or 2

  • Invite someone to do the plan with you. Ask them to invite someone too.
  • It can be anyone. Contact Pastor David Gaddini for help finding someone.
  • Do the same plan on your own at the same pace.

3    Connect Weekly in 2s or 3s

  • Connect together weekly. In person, by phone, or whatever.
  • Anything from a quick base-touch to 30 minutes together.
  • Talk about what's connecting with you in the passages, what's convicting, and what's confusing. Talk about what you think God wants you to do about it and who he wants you to share it with.