Congregational Meeting

Wednesday, May 15 | 5pm dinner, 6-7:30pm meeting. See design plans for the future expansion!

Congregational Meeting

Wednesday, May 15 | 5pm Dinner, 6-7:30pm Meeting

Over the past year we've reopened the conversation about facility expansion - a conversation that started just before Covid. FOF has been working with Groth Design Group, an architect in the Milwaukee area, and we’ve just finished preliminary concepts for an expanded worship area and reconfiguration of existing space!

We're pretty excited about this. We've been through several iterations, and we think we finally have it nailed down. The footprint feels right. The use of space feels right. The phasing feels right as part of a larger plan. Initial cost projections too.

We're having a congregational meeting on Wednesday, May 15 to show it to you! Our Design Team will present preliminary drawings, initial 3D renderings, insights into how it fits into later expansion. and expected costs. That, along with next steps in the process. No votes will be taken. This is purely an informational meeting.

Dinner at 5pm. The meeting runs from 6-7:30pm. Childcare for infants-5th grade during the meeting. Come see the possibility!