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Faith Training Moderate

Faith Training - Moderate

Our moderate plan builds off the mild track, but helps you take it to the next level. All our tracks are designed to help you spend intentional time with God nearly every day. The moderate track increases the time and focus spent during each faith workout.

  • Watch the Faith Training video.
  • Read and interact with the daily Bible Verse on social media or in the YouVersion app.
  • Do the Spiritual Fitness Assessment with a partner.


We don’t see outreach as one component of the church. We see it as every component. We believe the Church is God’s agent for bringing his restoration to a broken world. His call is not for us alone and Fellowship of Faith exists for something bigger than itself. As each of us are called to be disciples, so each of us are called to make disciples. Discipleship means pouring ourselves into this call.

I commit to: Be a witness. Disciple others. Ignite the mission. 


Reignite God’s kingdom mission

  1. I feel a burden for people who are far from God or have misconceptions about him?
  2. I regularly pray for those who don’t know Jesus or have misconceptions about him?
  3. I engage in 60 second conversations with people I don’t know at FOF or connect with people I don’t know on FOF livestream and social media?
  4. I regularly share my faith with others or engage in spiritual conversations?
  5. I invite people to FOF?
  6. I encourage my family & friends to take part in FOF or engage in other aspects of Christian life and community?

Set a goal to turn a no into a yes with your partner.