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Faith Training Intense

Faith Training - Intense

You've chosen the Intense Faith Training workout! All our tracks are designed to help you spend intentional time with God nearly every day. The Intense track is designed to move you into fully active engagement. It will tax you, and don't be surprised if you find yourself pushing to the point of "fail." That's good. That process will help you become spiritually stronger.

  • Watch the Faith Training video
  • Take 5-10 deep breaths, then read and reflect on the daily passage posted on Facebook.
  • Read Isaiah 36-50 in The Message translation. Read three chapters a day in a re-read pattern (ex. Monday 36-38, Tuesday 37-39, Wednesday 38-40).

Daily Bible Verses

Day 1: Isaiah 35:3-4

Day 2: Isaiah 37:20

Day 3: Isaiah 38:14

Day 4: Isaiah 40:1-2

Day 5: Isaiah 40:28-29

Day 6: Isaiah 41:10

Day 7: Isaiah 42:6

Day 8: Isaiah 43:1-3a

Day 9: Isaiah 44:21-22

Day 10: Isaiah 45:15

Day 11: Isaiah 46:4

Day 12: Isaiah 47:4

Day 13: Isaiah 48:17

Day 14: Isaiah 49:13

Day 15: Isaiah 50:10b