Bible Translation Seminar

Wed., May 18 | 5pm dinner | 6pm presentation | Dr. Andrew Das, translator for the CSB, presents!

Bible Translations and How They Came To Be

Wednesday, May 18

Dinner at 5pm | Presentation from 6-8pm

KJV, ESV, NIV, NLT, NASB...There are so many Bible translations to choose from. How do we make sense of them all? Where do they come from? Which should I use? And how did we get the Bible to begin with?

Dr. Andrew Das, professor of religious studies at Elmhurst University, prolific author, and Bible translator, comes to FOF to speak on Bible translations. Dr. Das has been listed among twenty-five leading Pauline theorists of the last century and oversaw nearly 80% of the New Testament translation work for the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). He’ll share what goes into translating. He’ll walk us through ancient manuscripts and their family trees. He’ll talk about pitfalls in translations, difficult choices translators have to make, and a little on the inclusive language debate. He’ll give hands-on examples that compare and contrast different versions–from the KJV to the CSB to the 1984 v 2011 NIV–taking your questions along the way.

Load up your stomach from 5-6pm. Load up your soul from 6-8. The Rock children’s ministries/childcare provided from 6-8. Normal Wednesday Night adult and Boulder groups combine for the seminar (normal programming resumes May 25).

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