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Each of us has a ministry to the Body and a mission to the world. God invites each of us to embrace our calling, to be an influence and be influenced by him. 

Take a step in your walk with Christ and engage in these personal spiritual practices. This school year focuses on the Psalms, laments, and prayers in the Bible.

Read the Bible
God has a story. And he invites us to make it our story. Take your walk deeper through daily Bible reading and experience God's transforming presence.

  • Daily Reading Plan:  A 37-week Bible reading plan that will take you through all the Psalms plus some other passages on prayer and laments. Passages are listed for each day five days a week. Also available in bookmark form at the FOF Info Table. 


Nothing beats injesting the word of God and making it a part of you. Strive to memorize these passages for each series:

  • "Prayer Remix" (Apr 23 - May 28): Psalm 46
  • "Heartbroken" (Mar 5 - Apr 9): Psalm 51:1-17
  • "Weird Songs, Strange Prayers" (Jan 8 - Feb 28): Psalm 1
  • "Crying [out] for Messiah" (Nov 27 - Dec 24): Luke 2:29-32
  • "Praying Jesus' Way" (Oct 2 - Nov 20): Psalm 23
  • "Calling on the Name of the Lord" (Sept 11-25): James 5:13-16


Go Deeper
Take Sunday's message into your week. Download a "Knee Deep" sheet to help guide you. Ideal for personal devotions, dinner-time conversations, and group use. A great tool for reflecting on the Word of God.

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