Fellowship of Faith

40 New Testament Passages Important for You to Know

God has a story. He invites us to make His story our story.  

That story is the Bible. It's how God comes to us... speaks to us... transforms us.

True spirituality and a growing relationship with God comes through the Holy Spirit who works in you through the Word of God, not the effect or feeling of a spiritual activity or church.  It doesn't matter how good you feel on Sunday or how inspired you get by spiritual things. Without interfacing the Word of God it's worthless.  

This August delve into the New Testament.  Meet the transforming power of God’s story for you!

Week 3: Matt 5-7 "Sermon on the Mount"
September 01, 2013

Week 2: Matt 5:17-20 "How to Read and Apply the Bible"
August 25, 2013

Week 1: Rom 12:1-2 "40 NT Passages Important for You to Know"
August 18, 2013



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